some of my work


Lead developer (of a team of 5) for the self booking portal for Rjourney. I also developed the BookingAPI that enables 3rd party OTA's to book reservations directly into Rjourney's system.

AspNet MVC, DevExpress, Entity Framework, SQL


Designer, developer and maintainer of the official website of Alpine Art Forms, founded in Boise, Idaho.

Angular, Typescript, Ionic, Google Firebase (Firestore, Cloud Functions, Anonymous Authentication), Stripe


Designer, developer and maintainer of the official website of Kayak Chile, headquatered in Pucon, Chile.

Javascript, Vue


Former instructor at Boise Codeworks. I taught Intro to Web Development and Intro to C# courses. Alongside teaching I helped maintain and develop features on our school's student portal.

Javascript, Vue, Nodejs, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB

Other notable projects

AgentCubed | Iron Guard Storage | flashCards

Visit my github/porterwilcox to see more work, and to collaborate.

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